Women Entrepreneurs:

Drink and Chat Event

Join us for a time of networking, fun, and brainstorming!

Date: April 19th
Location: Zoom
Time: 9:00 PM EST (US)
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Our Aim is to:


Build Connections

This is a great time to connect with like-minded women to build partnerships.


Inspire One Another

WE work to inspire one another to grow and break past barriers that any Women Entrepreneur may have.


Brainstorm With You

 If you have any questions about projects or anything going on in your business, we would love to help brainstorm with you so you have more clarity on what you are doing!

About the Host and the WE Events:


Audrey Hamilton,

The Entrepreneurial Assistant

-Business Coach

-Virtual Project Manager

-Network Marketer

Stay-at-home mom of two




About the Events

I know that as an entrepreneur, things can get kinda 

lonely. Especially for us women. We are busy 

doing whatever else we may be doing then we just 

get tired and start getting lonely. We feel we have 

to do everything and sometimes not get noticed.


These events are to help. You can do this at the 

comfort of your own home, have your PJs on, have a 

glass of wine, coffee, tea, or whatever you want to 

drink and just relax. We would love to celebrate

your wins with you and encourage you to continue

to work towards your 'impossible' goals!